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About company AlQVIMIX Finance

AlQVIMIX 's business is based on high– tech and unique ways of conducting online trading AlQVIMIX Finance Community

Cooperation with us is a high-tech process of integrating each client into the unique community of AlQVIMIX investors, in order to strengthen the financial stability of each of them and obtain stable profits without the risk of losing capital. We are not just a trading company. AlQVIMIX is a tool that will allow everyone to unlock their own potential by basing investments on our technologies. We offer our partners attractive terms of cooperation, the right to use the company's brand, a well-established algorithm for running their own business and comprehensive support from the company's specialists. Attractive investment conditions will help you to easily build your own business with us. Our team is a social association of people united by a common idea of earning money in the field of investment to obtain the desired source of passive income. The ingenious developments of the company have made possible risk-free investment for anyone who wants.

Take advantage of a highly profitable and promising offer from AlQVIMIX Finance

We have developed a fully automated trading system that opens and closes transactions independently according to the algorithm embedded in it. Automation facilitates routine processes in trading, saves trader time and responds faster to changes in the market situation. All cryptocurrency pairs available on the exchange are involved in the company's earnings process. Due to price changes and unpredictable volatility indicators, our company extracts maximum benefits by making transactions both in the growing and falling market. We have carefully debugged all processes and can confidently guarantee you the declared profitability in our company, depending on the tariff plan you choose. Payments are made daily, seven days a week, to the internal account of the registered account. The capital is securely protected by the latest online technologies that make it impossible for third parties to capture or transfer personal data or transaction data. Online investing with AlQVIMIX Finance is easy, highly profitable and safe, become a part of our community today!


Why should I choose AlQVIMIX Finance?

Unique trading technologies Thanks to a unique and highly effective combination of technologies that allows you to earn both on the growing and falling market, cryptocurrencies are a unique feature and an incredible achievement of the company in the face of competition and changing parameters of online business.
Profitable partnership This is due to balanced and highly profitable tariff plans, a bonus partner program and transparent conditions of investment cooperation under which each partner initially understands his role and sees the future profit provided by our company.
Data privacy and business security Every step of mutually beneficial cooperation of the company's partner is 100% confidential and reliably protected by the latest online technologies. The security of investments and the success of each transaction makes it impossible for third parties to capture or transfer personal data.
High competence and accountability of the company You can follow the company's news in the News section. The maximum return of the company's employees – support specialists will always help you at a convenient time for you. In this way, the necessary atmosphere of trust and competence is created.
Partnership and investment Achieving goals in our company guarantees you the profitability of your online business. We provide you with the opportunity to earn passive income by investing in our company. There is also an active way to make a profit in the form of referral accruals by building your own structure and personal growth on the career ladder. For the most active leaders, additional financial rewards are provided when various levels of turnover of funds within the structure are reached.
Licensed activities and fulfillment of obligations AlQVIMIX Finance and the company's activities are officially registered and have all the relevant licenses. Guaranteed fulfillment of obligations to pay deposits and dividends of our depositors. All issues are resolved as soon as possible without violating agreements and regulations. Every investor can be sure of the reliability of cooperation with the company.

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9 Adam Street, London,
England, WC2N 6AA
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Roadmap of AlQVIMIX Finance

The main stages of our development The chronology of events that formed the basis for the formation of the investment company AlQVIMIX and the plan to strengthen its business position and social adaptation in the world of trading

The future director, founder and ideological inspirer Adela Fletcher, for the first time formulated the fundamental theses that became the foundation of the company's concept.

The work on the creation of a general strategic plan for the formation of a company in the field of online trading has been completed.

The first launch of the software package, which will later become the basis for the operation of bot programs for stock trading, took place.

The software package was tested on the conclusion of online transactions for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency funds using high-frequency trading.

The core of the company's staff has been formed, which includes the most promising and talented specialists in the field of programming and trading analytics.

On the basis of joint work, the main principles of interaction between all departments of the formed team were tested and fixed.

The software managed by the formed team of specialized specialists began to demonstrate stable positive dynamics of stock trading.

Creation of AlQVIMIX company and opening of the company's office at the place of registration in the UK.

ЗLaunch of its own Internet platform in order to scale activities and attract partner investments in the company. Opening of the bonus program "50 Tokens (ALQ) for registration"

The start of the conclusion of the maximum number of contracts for investment activities with legal partners around the world.

Launch your own mobile application “App Store|Google Play”. Thanks to the application, you will be able to fully use our platform on your mobile device and communicate with members of the AlQVIMIX community.

Completion of the bonus program "50 Tokens (ALQ) for registration"

Listing of the company's own token (ALQ) on international cryptocurrency exchanges. The ability to convert accumulated and purchased tokens inside the platform into available cryptocurrency pairs (USD, BTC, ETH, LTC).

Realization of the company's ambitions in attracting large investment funds around the world.

Expansion of the staff of the company's employees. Presentation of the company's development strategy for the next 5 years.

ALQVIMIX is an investment company

We value our investors who have given us the opportunity to compete with the best companies. Have questions?